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Access & Grow Capital in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Market Update | November 2023

We're looking for a handful of good people who:

  • Currently run or are making serious moves to run an alternative asset management firm (i.e., asset-based/bridge lender (real estate or SMB), private equity or credit fund, hedge fund, fund of funds, endowment, family office, RIA, etc.), or are successful capital raisers/third-party marketers.

  • Are highly intelligent, curious, and independently-minded, in other words, have the wherewithal to recognize, understand, and pursue merit in lieu of peer pressure.

  • Are decisive and motivated to do what is within their power to overcome the challenges they face in reaching their business objectives.

  • Appreciate or are open to the Austrian economic perspective.

If this describes you, we want to talk. Schedule a free 15 minute call to determine whether our resources can be suitably deployed on your behalf to help you efficiently reach your goals—from quickly raising capital/scaling AUM to successfully executing an investment mandate.

As a reminder, here are a few (but certainly not all) of the resources we have to share:

  • Over 120,000 accredited investor followers (including over 15,000 financial institutions and RIAs) with an extremely robust marketing infrastructure,

  • The latest academic research in quantitative finance to accurately measure the risk, return and liquidity characteristics of any investment or portfolio—regardless of asset class—with the ability to construct meaningful theoretical track records across market cycles (that do not allow for cherry-picking or fitting data),

  • Access to private market arbitrage opportunities (including GP stakes) that generate substantially higher risk-adjusted performance (decoupling risk and return) than what’s otherwise available through traditional markets,

The financial engineering expertise to design financial instruments that allow for virtually any position to be taken in virtually any market (including fund formation tailored to bridge an investment strategy’s performance characteristics with capital market demand—fixed income or growth)…


The Shadow Banker's Secrets
The Shadow Banker's Secrets
Benjamin D. Summers