The Shadow Banker's Secrets
The Shadow Banker's Secrets
The Best of Both Worlds: From Real Estate to Finance
The Best of Both Worlds: From Real Estate to Finance

Most people are aware of the dominance the financial sector has over the economy and believe it's due to the adage: "Whoever has the gold makes the rules."  The truth is that whoever understands money makes the rules.

In this third episode, join Stephan Piscano and me as we discuss how to merge the best aspects of institutional finance with real estate to create unmatched investment opportunities.

Real estate as a market holds extraordinary arbitrage opportunities, but it’s impeded by a general lack of sophistication amongst its market participants.

Financial institutions bring unparalleled sophistication to the markets, but they are impeded by the limitations of the efficient, liquid markets they trade.

What happens when you apply the sophistication of institutional financial practices such as risk engineering to inefficient markets like real estate?

Whether you're a professional asset manager, novice retail investor, or fall anywhere in between, if you care about money and want to learn how to gain the power of capital creation for yourself, this show is for you.

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